Places of Interest

Jolding Wari

Located at Mongpangro, a tiny village near Mendipathar, Jolding Wari is a popular destination for tourists coming to Resubelpara town. It is believed that this magnificent lake was formed during the Great Earthquake of 12th June, 1897.

Radi Nokat

The prime attraction here is the presence of numerous natural rock formations, conical in shape resembling Shivlingams. It is located about 7 Kms away from Resubelpara town. It is a famous sought after destinations among the Hindu pilgrims

Na.ka Chikong

A famous hotspot among picnic lovers and anglers, Naka Chikong is well- known for its natural beauty, scenic river and beautiful rock formations. It is located in Badaka village.

Rasna Dare

Located at Rajasimla village, it is one of the famous waterfall in the region. It is an ideal spot for picnic and trekking

Chitim tim Dare

Located at Babukona village close to Assam-Meghalaya border along the Resubelpara-Krishnai inter-state (Khaldang) road, it is one of the few waterfalls to be discovered by the people of the area very recently. According to the villagers, this particular waterfall came into existence post the devastating flood of 2014 which caused extensive damage to the surrounding areas and plains destroying thousands of crops, plantations and agricultural produce worth several crore of rupees.

Outdoor activities like camping, hiking, angling, bird watching, trekking can also be aggressively promoted to boost tourism in the area.

Ganna Ramram lake

Located roughly 15 Kms away from Resubelpara town in Boda A.pal village, it is a deep lake nestled on top of a hillock amidst the thick lush green forests and deep canopy of forest cover. Legend has it that this lake was once home to the great spirits and dwarfs (Te.teng) who settled here for thousands of years. It is believed that this spirits (Mi.te) would bath in this lake and after bathing dry all their clothes including the Ganna (traditional Garo dress) on a large rock located on the bank of this lake. It is because of this practise by the spirits that the word “Ganna Ramram” or a place where the Ganna’s are dried up came into being. But one fine day the spirits learned that they are being watched clandestinely by people from surrounding villages and their privacy being compromised. Ever since then, the spirits and their clothes could no longer be sighted. The soothing ambience of this lake makes it an ideal spot for picnicking, camping, angling, hiking, bird watching or simply to laze around in the solitude of nature.

Rongma Gitil

Legend has it that there were two Goddesses by the name  Rongma and Mring, who were sisters. It is believed that the two Goddesses fought for some reasons and as a result Rongma was defeated by Mring. Hence, the name “Rongma Gitil” or the “Fall of the Mother Rock” derived its name. It is located in Chachinat village.


It is located about 6 (six) Kms from Soksan Gate (Mendipathar) and famous for ‘Rang’ the Traditional ‘Bell’. Whenever there is any meeting at the locality, the watchman rings the Bell and the whole locality gathers. This Bell remain in the form of Rock in the midst of the thick forest.

Sawal Wari

Located at Ildek Akong village, this beautiful river is a must visit site among the tourists. It is a very popular destination among the locals.

Rangjokram lake

Located in the heart of Resubelpara town. The lake is a large reservoir of deep water body spread over a wide geographical area teeming with exotic species of fish of varied size and colour. The soothing ambience and cool waters of the lake make it an ideal spot for angling, camping, picnicking or simply to laze around in the solitude of Mother Nature. The lake has immense potential for promoting water-based adventure sports activities.