District Profile

The district of North Garo Hills forms the Northern most part of the Garo Hills region of the state of Meghalaya and it is the gateway to the entire region as it shares a long border with the neighbouring state of Assam. The population is a mixture of indigenous Garo tribes along with other minor tribes comprising of Rabhas, Hajongs, Kacharis and Boros. The climate is sub tropical with adequate rainfall. The people are an ethnic mix of Indo-Burmese-Tibetan ancestry.

Going back in Time

The Government of Assam established Resubelpara Development Block with Resubelpara as its Head Quarter on 2nd October, 1952.
The Government of Meghalaya declared Resubelpara as an Administrative Unit in 1976.
It was upgraded into a full fledged Civil Sub-Division on 30th April, 1982.
The State Government declared Resubelpara as a town on the 29th November, 1995 and also created a Municipal Board on the 28th February, 1997.
The Resubelpara Civil Sub division was declared full fledged district by Dr. Mukul Sangma, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Meghalaya on the 24th March 2012.
The district was inaugurated by Dr. Mukul Sangma, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Meghalaya on the 27th July 2012.


North by Goalpara(Assam)
South by East Garo Hills District (Meghalaya)
East by Kamrup (Assam) and West Khasi Hills District (Meghalaya)
West by Dadenggre Civil Sub Division, West Garo Hills District (Meghalaya)


Its area is 1,086 Sq Km (As per the District Statistical Handbook 2014-15).


Resubelpara Town is the Headquarter of the District.