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District Social Welfare Department

1. Description

1. The Office of the District Social Welfare Officer North Garo Hills, Resubelpara was established in 19th July 2013. Presently it is functioning from the rented house at Resubelpara.

Description of Schemes/Programme offered by the Department

The District Social Welfare Officer implements the Schemes for the Welfare of persons with Disability, women and Children, older persons and Social defense. In addition, the legislations relating to women and Children like Protection of women from Domestic Violence Act, Juvenile Justice Act ,PWD Act and others are implemented.
  1. Welfare of handicapped:- One Vocational Training for self-Handicapped Persons in the trade of knitting and Embroidery is being run by this Department at Mendal, through the Self Help Group of Mendal Cluster Centre with the financial assistance from the Social welfare Department. Ten numbers of PWDs are being trained in Vocational Training .There is a provision for payment of Token Relief Grant of Rs. 5000/- to the passed out trainees to start the activities on their own for their livelihood.
  2. Scholarship is also given to the handicapped students right from pre-primary level to post graduate level at different rates according to the level of education .
Scholarship to handicapped students
PHOTO: Scholarship to handicapped students
  3. Book Grant ,Uniform Grant and Conveyance allowance are also given to the handicapped Students .
  4. National Programme for Rehabilitation of persons with Disabilities (NPRPD) is also being implemented through the Social Welfare Department . At present there are 2 (MRWs) Multipurpose Rehabilitation Workers and 10 nos. Community Based Rehabilitation Workers who are working at the grass root level for the communities to rehabilitate the handicapped persons withintheir own families. They are also giving counseling services to the handicapped persons and their families. They work in co-ordination with the AWCs and the ASHAS.
  5. In addition ,Assessment Camps are organized whenever necessary in collaboration with District Medical Board, DDRC,SSA etc. To provide Disability Certificate to the Persons with Disabilities.
Conduct of assessment camps
PHOTO: Conduct of assessment camps

  6. Celebration of World Disabled Day is observed every year on 3rd Dec, where different problems faced by thehandicapped persons are highlighted and also awareness given about different services given by the Government to the handicapped persons . Parents Education on how to take care of the handicapped person is also given to the parents.
Observation of World Disabled Day
PHOTO: Observation of World Disabled Day

  7. Badthe Kadam is also observed in the District.
Observation of Badthe Kadam
PHOTO: Observation of Badthe Kadam

  8. Welfare of Children:- Financial Assistance is provided for the registered NGOs/Institutions which are looking after the poor ,destitute and orphan children.These NGOs provide free food, shelter, clothing , education, training ,recreation and health care . Through these NGOs many poor destitute and orphan children are being rehabilitated.
  9. Women Welfare: - Under this Scheme financial assistance is given to the NGOs which are giving Vocational Training on weaving and handicrafts to the poor and destitute women. In addition, the DSWO co-ordinates with the State women Commission to protect the women groups from Crimes and also to bring awareness among the women about their Rights. Sensitization Programmes are organized in all the Districts to create awareness in villages regarding women issues and rising crimes against women. International Women's Day is celebrated every year on 8thMarch, in collaboration with the Districts Legal Service Authority, NGOs and Self Help Groups. Different Programmes are organized to highlight women issues and also the services available in the Government.
Conduct of Women Welfare Programme
PHOTO: Conduct of Women Welfare Programme

  10. Welfare of the Aged Infirm and Destitute:- A token financial grant is given for the Medical Treatment of the poor, aged, infirm and destitute persons. International Day for Older Persons is also celebrated every year on 1st October in every District.Programmes are organized to show respect to the older persons. The policies of Older Persons and services available in the Government are also highlighted.
Welfare of the aged, infirm and destitute
PHOTO: Welfare of the aged, infirm and destitute

  11. Social Defense Services: - The Juvenile Justice Act 2000 is implemented through Social welfare Department for protection of underage and under trials and children in need of care and protection under J.J.B Act 2000. Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) and Child Welfare Committee(CWC) are formed in every District. J.J.B looks after the underage who are in conflict with the law and CWC looks after the children in need of care and protection.
  12. International Day Against Drug Abuse: - International Drug Abuse is celebrated every year on 26th June to bring awareness to the people about the ill effect of Drug Abuse.
Observation of International Day Against Drug Abuse
PHOTO: Observation of International Day Against Drug Abuse

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District Social Welfare Officer
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